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baked news

because sometimes halfbaked ideas become baked
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Lots of fantastic, original and playful ideas appear here, which is why I love halfbakery so much.

I also love surfing the web to keep abreast of all the new stuff people out there actually do.

It often happens that a really great idea comes up, isn't found to be baked, is discussed, given croissants galore, and then fades into obscurity.

However it must also happen that now and then real inventions are created in the real world that just happen to have been 'predicted' in some form on the halfbakery, at some distant point in the past.

Hence the idea of the 'baked news'. When you find a new invention that recalls a halfbakery post, you post a link (containing the web link and the halfbakery link that predicted it) to a simple one-line-per-post blog.

It might be fun, and give people faith that halfbaked ideas don't have to stay halfbaked forever.

bumhat, Mar 18 2006

Underdone http://underdone.multiply.com/
[DrCurry, Mar 18 2006]


       I don't know if you can draw any conclusions from Baked ideas - some must have been in development for years before being announced - but we have a group set up in Multiply to post half-baked items, whether proposed here first or not. I'm sure no one would object to you posting links there.   

       But I think most people here are well aware that some of our proposals will eventually see the light of day. In fact, some of us make them with that hope.
DrCurry, Mar 18 2006

       Have you seen that "Tax Lottery" commercial for H&R Block (a company that does your taxes for you). I once came up with the very same thing that they are now doing, but I deleted it. I wish I hadn't.
DesertFox, Mar 18 2006

       What, ripping off poor people by overcharging on IRAs?   

       Btw, DF, every comment of yours lately seems to be "I was thinking of just that thing" - are you sure you haven't eaten a radioactive moldy croissant or something and aren't now channeling the future, like in some Disney film that no one past the age of 8 can bear to watch?
DrCurry, Mar 18 2006

       I was just thinking that very thing!
bristolz, Mar 18 2006

       and I was just unthinking that very opposite.
xenzag, Mar 18 2006

       //Who would have thought?//
Not me. I make it a point not to.
I missed this the first time round, but I've been thinking something like this would be nice. Just recently there seem to have been a spate of apparently halfbaked ideas surfacing as products - [Unabubba]'s solar powered toys, for example, or the Japanese commuter-powered railway station.

       There'd have to be some sort of time limit to prevent people posting ideas they just saw in a press release, though, and as [DrC] points out products have often been in the pipeline for years - but let's say arbitrarily that an idea has to have been posted for a year?   

       It'd be fairly easy to implement, though. all it needs is for someone to write, I don't know, 'postbaked' on an idea when they spot the product , and then you can create a custom view which shows ideas with the word 'postbaked' somewhere. That's possible, isn't it?   

       Anyway, [DrC], if you post ideas that you hope will someday become reality, wouldn't it be nice to see that recognized?
moomintroll, Oct 23 2006


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