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ballistic inflateable parafoil

inflateable parafoil kite
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this parafoil inflates and deflates rapidly without aid of a human being.

the inflateable bladders create rigidity for deplyment as well as inverted rigidity for folding the parafoil into it's compacted form when not in use.

the parafoils open rammed air cells are still functional when deployed. so it is still a rammed air parafoil and not merely an inflatable kite.

kiteboarding parafoils have bladders so they float on the water and maintain more rigidity under tension from guide wires.

this parafoil is a variation on the kiteboarding kite parafoil but specifically for the purpose of being deployed on autonomous off road terrain ground vehicles that may be trying to jump off cliffs sometimes.

teslaberry, May 15 2016


       I see.
whatrock, May 15 2016

       Would it work with a Segway? The boss could have used something. Shocking video.
popbottle, May 16 2016

       Yay gonflable.
skinflaps, May 16 2016

       This could also be used by non-autonomous on-road ground vehicles, to trade speed for altitude in the event of an imminent collision. (I came up with a similar idea for safety on a hoverbike years ago.)
notexactly, Jun 03 2016


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