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Baseball with American Football

Baseball and american football combined
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Basicly the same as baseball but there will be tacklers that tackle the runners between bases.
JoeLounsbury, Nov 11 2003


       Certainly impractical. Unless you like a scoreless ties, like your football.   

       How about rugby but with cricket bats?
grip, Nov 11 2003

       Ok, rugby with cricket bats will be for england, and my idea will be for america.
JoeLounsbury, Nov 11 2003

       You're going to have to modify this a bit. The runner needs to be in possession of the ball.
thumbwax, Nov 11 2003

       Alternatively, keep the sport purely baseball and instead of tackling, supply the base line defenders with bats.
half, Nov 11 2003

       Seems like your starting to head down the path to Hockey, doesn't it?
soundman, Nov 12 2003

       Alternatively, keep the sport purely football and instead of tackling, supply the defenders with bats.
Condiment, Nov 12 2003

       Baked in my back yard in the wop wops in 1979.
Helium, Nov 12 2003

       [clintoncole55] isn't that normally called baseball?
jonthegeologist, Feb 13 2004

       Right on with the Hockey news, soundman.
JRspewing, Aug 10 2004

       \\How about rugby but with cricket bats?\\ Well that'd be interesting, and, well, bloodier than usual
swimr, Aug 10 2004

       A less Yankee-doodly variant would be to modify the notional sport that is cricket such that the balls - previously pretty much spherical - are replaced with mini rugby balls, though retaining the hardness, colour and, if you're that fussed about it OK, the sheen. If needs be, all 11 could be sent out to bat, arrayed in a semi circle around the wickets. Full team bodyline. Smashing.
calum, Jan 24 2011

       //the balls...are replaced with mini rugby balls//

This is pretty much how net practice works in club cricket. A succession of dodgy, self-proclaimed bowlers using clapped out, second-hand cricket balls (which are only spherical in the same sense that the orbit of Halley's Comet is roughly circular) send down a series of deliveries that are completely unplayable due to the extreme variety of height (with or without bounce), width, length and speed with which they occasionally arrive in the general area of the batsman's end of the wicket.
DrBob, Jan 25 2011

       Perhaps I have negelcted the vertical axis. Maybe the wicket could be stacked, as with Celebrity Squares, to compensate.
calum, Jan 25 2011


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