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beeping glasses

glasses for those with truly bad vision
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I think glasses should be detectible by sound. If you have very poor vision, then you can't find your glasses when they fall off... If they were to emit a noise if one presses a button on their keychain, then that would help out much. This wouldn't be neccesary for most people.. but you can see a hearing aid, why can't you hear glass
Malakh, Aug 03 2000

glow in the dark sunglasses http://www.halfbake...20dark_20sunglasses
A different approach to finding lost spectacles. [egnor, Aug 03 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       if i can't find my glasses you can forget about finding my keys.
raisin, Oct 02 2000

       Ain't life complicated
thumbwax, Oct 02 2000

       I want an arm-mounted thing like the Predator had in the first movie. THAT I'd buy.
StarChaser, Oct 02 2000

       I wear contacts. Try finding a dropped contact without your contact in....And, it's true, finding key chains without the contacts is pretty difficult. If I have them in my pocket at the time I drop my contact that's great. (I only have one good eye) Now, if we can just miniturize the beeping circuit to fit invisibly in a contact lense. ;=)
Blisterbob, Sep 14 2005


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