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Camera Eye Glasses

See the world as photos or film. Switch to your device once you've found the perfect shot.
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For anyone who makes a living from capturing great photos or directing film, these glasses allow a person to view the world through lenses that resemble the various lenses of his preferred photographic device.

There should be various lens types that would resemble the views as seen through a camera with the appropriate lens attached. Other options, like focus modes, aperture, or flash might add value to the experience.

The point of these glasses would be for an artist to view his/her subjects as if holding a camera to the eye, but without having to squint or hold up a heavy camera to one's eye. Once inspiration hits, the artist removes the glasses and switches to the device of choice to record or snap photos.

XSarenkaX, Apr 28 2013

23.976 fps Glasses 23_2e976_20fps_20Glasses
Different. [spidermother, Apr 29 2013]

Paillard Bolex Octameter http://www.bolexcol...ssories/view50.html
This was an early version of what you want. [lurch, Apr 29 2013]


       Or each lens frame could be shaped to look like two hands doing the "forefinger touching thumb on opposite hand" bit
not_morrison_rm, Apr 29 2013

       To replicate the view of a certain camera or lens exactly, wouldn't it take that same camera or lens? You can't replicate the depth of field of a Nikkor 24mm lens and DX sensor exactly without using a Nikkor 24mm lens and DX sensor.
DIYMatt, Apr 29 2013

       My Pa had a Bolex H-16 movie camera, which had an "Octameter" viewfinder - so named because it could show you the field of view for eight different lenses. It's not obvious from the images in the <link>, but it could be quickly disconnected from the camera and used independently for showing what your framing would be like. And, to partially answer [DIYMatt], it was just an attempt to get the field of view right, and sacrifices made in things like depth of field, image quality, and so forth. I imagine reduction of differences in view would, incrementally, lead you to the end-point of having the same lens.
lurch, Apr 29 2013

       I was shooting for something a little better than just "two hands doing the 'forefinger touching thumb on opposite hand' bit", but not quite as good as "to replicate the view of a certain camera or lens exactly". Something like glasses with just a little better view, somewhat similar to one's favorite camera lens and settings.   

       It's the HB. Dare to dream...
XSarenkaX, Apr 29 2013


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