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bicycle pedal double-kick

Allows a person to operate double-kick drums in much the same manner as pedaling a bicycle
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Basically, it would work like a regular double-kick setup, except that the drum pedals would be replaced with a set of bicycle pedals that would drive a mechanism that in turn, would drive the hammers that hit the drums, allowing the user to operate these drums at a ridiculously high speed, without the need of any drum triggers, drum machines, or actual skill.
mr_bigmouth_502, Aug 13 2010

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       Hmmm... and in your bicycle pedal induced reverie (similar to "runner's high" I imagine), might you forget to notice that you have to keep time for the rest of the band?   

       //...without [...] actual skill...//   

       On the contrary, once you get up to the required speed (again, one hopes, in time with the song of the moment) you would have to be quite adept at matching the necessary timing for the band. To that end, perhaps you'll find it more convenient to also incorporate the gears, brakes, handlebars, and little bell.   

       Rube Goldberg would be proud of you.   

       As am I.   

       Bun! [+]
Grogster, Aug 13 2010

       [+], and the next step is just to motorize the damn things!
AntiQuark, Aug 15 2010

       The problem would be starting and stopping cleanly, I think. Mind you, I would like to see a Pianola version of a drum kit, with pedal bellows and a pre-punched paper music sheet.
Ling, Aug 15 2010


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