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Percussive enticement for the young.
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A simple idea to encourage young people into taking up percussive instruments. Bongos shaped like bums. What could be more humourous and satisfying than tapping out a beat on a bum?
Miss Weston Smith, Aug 16 2011


       Bum... it has two meanings...   

       Are we talking hobo?   

       Or are we talking derrier?
ye_river_xiv, Aug 16 2011

       [yrx] has a point... bun removed pending clarification.
FlyingToaster, Aug 16 2011

       //       Are we talking hobo? Or are we talking derrier? //   

       Whoa... Serious deja vu...
Alterother, Aug 17 2011

       Derrier. Bum, en Anglais.
Miss Weston Smith, Aug 17 2011

       What degree of realism are we talking about here?
Alterother, Aug 17 2011

       Can't use bums for percussion -- everybody knows they're wind instruments.
mouseposture, Aug 17 2011

       [mouseposture] you have a point. [Alterother] more concept than product perhaps. A real bum can vary in tone depending on the physical state of the owner which could be interesting. Fake bums might not be so satisfying but probably more suitable for a younger audience. Actually, maybe I should edit the young part of this....
Miss Weston Smith, Aug 19 2011

       Well, I guess we've sorted out the "Bum" part, but what are we gonna do when we get to the "Bum Titty Bum" part?
Ling, Aug 19 2011

       Next up.   

       Breast membranophones.
skinflaps, Aug 19 2011

       These should be worn on the bum, not shaped like a bum.
JesusHChrist, Mar 02 2014


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