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big desert rolling pin

almost perpetual!
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This object would be a large cylinder placed in the desert. it would have balloons inside that expand when they heat up. Expansion would push out one side of the cylinder, making it roll over most of one revolution. at night the balloons would cool and contract and it would complete the revolution.
Voice, Jun 07 2010

impressive -- per phoenix's anno http://farm4.static..._85e150592a.jpg?v=0
[swimswim, Jun 07 2010]

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       and the point of this, is to flatten the desert, or is the pun in the title?
dentworth, Jun 07 2010

       the point is to flatten the desert. I didn't notice the pun until you pointed it out.
Voice, Jun 07 2010

       Fantastic. It should drag some form of artwork along with it, to satisfy those who look for a purpose.   

       I had a similar idea in the hopper. But it used a ratcheting mechanism to jump along rather than rolling.
swimswim, Jun 07 2010

       You could have it make an impression as while it flattens. In fact, the whole thing could be funded by Nike or somesuch - just leave a "swoosh" in the sand.
phoenix, Jun 07 2010

       [bigs] - it is a piece by Carl Chung that leaves a map of Los Angeles in the sand when pulled across the beach (Santa Monica beach)
swimswim, Jun 07 2010

       Sounds a little like a Wumblum: a scifi critter that had evolved wheels..
Steamboat, Jun 15 2010

       The beach, eh? Florida needs one saying: BEACH ERASED COURTESY OF BP.
ldischler, Jun 15 2010

       It could sweep for mines! Slowly.
bungston, Jun 16 2010

       So, it would revolve once per day? I like the idea, but it should be possible to create something which rotates continuously in sunlight. With the right arrangement of pipes and balloons, it could be arranged such that heat on the top would expand balloons on one side only, in a continuous sequence.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 16 2010


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