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bioluminescent streetlights

plant a streetlight
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Scientists once incorporated the gene in firefly DNA that produces luciferin (the stuff that makes their butts lite up) into the genetic code of a tobacco plant and produced a biolumenescent plant. The roots of the plant would glow. Why not do this with trees and splice the DNA in a fashion that makes the bark or the leaves glow? You could plant them anywhere in unlimited quantity, lighting up every single road all over the continent. You could even sell christmas trees like it. Maybe firefly DNA is not the most compatible type for a tree, but there are plenty of biolumenescent plants that could be used for the purpose. Like foxfire. Well, that's actually fungus, but you get the idea. And yes, the light is relatively weak in naturally occuring biolumenescent species, but since we're already in the realm of genetic engineering anyway, that's just a feature that can be enhanced by tweaking the DNA. Imagine a forest full of these babies! Would it be beautiful or just eerie?
Anarch, Dec 12 2003

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       Just wait till you try the new Luminous Head Lice available soon. In sample markets, teenagers went ga-ga over these pet hair jewels!
Tiger Lily, Dec 12 2003

       I heard of a type of pet food that makes dog shit glow in the dark. True story.
Anarch, Dec 12 2003

       I doubt the luminscence would be sufficient to replace street lighting, but I would certainly go for a bioluminescent lawn along these lines. If I had a garden, of course.
DrCurry, Dec 13 2003

       I kind of liked the blackout we got on the east coast this summer...it was the first time you could see stars in a long time. Long Island felt like it was back in nature for an evening. I'm not down with perpetual lighting.
Overpanic, Dec 13 2003

       Yeah, but imagine the psychadellic landscapes
Anarch, Dec 15 2003

       As Overpanic mentions, I'd be concerned about the light pollution. Mechanical lighting at least *can* be shielded from illuminating upwards, even if it's not (a criminal non-practice, in my opinion as an ex- astrophysics major (in university, not the army, that is))   

       So, even though I really quite like the idea in all other aspects, a bone. At least until you allay my fears.
yamahito, Dec 15 2003


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