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blinking gummy bears

blinking gummy bears using bioluminescent bacteria
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step one: engineer bioluminescent bacteria that are not harmful for humans and have a fast circadian rhythm (not this stupid 24 hours rhythm).

step two: mix this into gummi bears. sell them in the evening.

this would probably be of little danger to the environment because currently refactoring DNA produces lifeforms that are not as nearly as fit as those natural occuring and can only survive long under clean lab conditions.

erlehmann, Jan 08 2008

refactoring bacteriophage T7 http://www.nature.c...ull/msb4100025.html
DNA becomes more readable by refactoring [erlehmann, Jan 08 2008]

bioluminescent dinoflagellates http://www.lifesci....anism/dinohome.html
those bacteria have a 24 hour blinking rhytm [erlehmann, Jan 08 2008]


       This might be easier accomplished in an active food such as yogurt.   

       As an added bonus, the yogurt cups could be branded as "regularity testers" and sold for ridiculous sums of money.
Condiment, Jan 08 2008

       Hmm, Yogurty Bears (US pronounciation).
marklar, Jan 08 2008

       I have a suspicion the bacteria will eat more of the gummybear than the end user. Perhaps market them as decorations, fueled by the sugary substrate?
4whom, Jan 09 2008

       [admin] added spaces to title.
zen_tom, Jan 11 2008


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