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A combination backpack blower string trimmer
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I mow grass for a living. The new mowers such as various zero turn radius ( the kind that have levers that control the rear drive wheels instead of a steering wheel) are awesome. They have cut way down on mowing time. However there is still trimming, edging and blowing to do. It kills so much time when you have to walk the entire grounds with a string trimmer to do the trimming and edging, and then go back to your truck get the backpack blower out and walk the entire grounds again to blow all the driveways and sidwalks, etc. To save time I sometimes strap the backpack on and also carry the string trimmer. The idea came to me that it would be great if both tools were made into one. The blower has a tube that extends to the ground so it would work to run a trimmer shaft down that tube and somehow have a trimmer head mounted to the end of the tube/shaft. They could both be powered by the same engine. I'm not an engineer but I think it could be done.
exmark, Sep 14 2003

this one seems to do it all. http://www.halfbake...ea/SnowMowChipNBlow
[po, Oct 04 2004]

This is not the one I had in mind, but definitely baked. http://www.cairnsmo...ity.com/prod344.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004]


       Long time ago, I was given a 12V trimmer, but the battery was dead. So I drilled a hole in the side my ridding lawn mower deck and mounted the motor with the spool on the mower and wired it to the charging system on the mower. All I had to do was drive close to fences/posts etc. Worked really well unless it needed to be "tapped" for more string.
Katt, Sep 14 2003

       Let’s see... In my hideous collection of overpowered tools there is a leaf blower and two, uh, trimmers. For this example I’ll use the trimmer that doesn’t have blade attachments. The leaf blower at 210mph/500cfm could certainly power a fan to spin (an attached) spool with a trailing line fast enough to cut grass.
Shz, Sep 14 2003

       Sorry [exmark] but I saw a commercial for this very thing yesterday. They beat you to it.
The motor comes with four or five different attachments; I’ll try to find a link.
Good idea.

       You could probably make some seriously *gigantic* margaritas with that tool, [2fry]
DeathNinja, Sep 14 2003

       Ole !   


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