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body art pass outs

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When you pay to get into a nightclub and you leave but want to get back in later, they stamp your hand. What if instead, your “pass out” was a body artist’s glow-in-the-dark face paint or body paint (your choice, as long as it will be visible) that advertised the club or some sponsor of the event? People would go around all night displaying the ad so they could get back into the club.
brandboy, Jun 20 2007

humanadspace.com. http://www.humanadspace.com
A related idea to this. I guess the reason companies have paid to do this is not the amount of people who would see the guy walking around but the number of people who would blog about such a crazy idea and even write it up in the paper. Similarly, this would get a lot of people talking about the club and probably even get more customers to the club on account of them wanting to be adorned with “free body art”. [brandboy, Jun 20 2007]

Some employees of the clubs already do this http://sfbay.craigs.../ats/354460323.html
[xandram, Jun 20 2007]


       isn't this normal already?
twitch, Jun 20 2007

       I once saw the boss of Harley Davidson on television explaining how happy he was with employees that tattoo his brand name all over their body.
zeno, Jun 20 2007

       Traditional samoan tatooing includes tatooing on your butthole. My samoan friend said it was very painful. :stare:
twitch, Jun 20 2007

       baked, I have worked in nightclubs where this already happens.........
S-note, Jun 20 2007


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