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Corporate Hurricanes

Big Weather Events= Big Buck$
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The institute that chooses what to name a hurricane will stop their current methods and implement the new one which will raise millions upon millions (depending on the storm's size and projected path of course) of dollars for the future research of weather prediction, etc. Lives (and beachfront property) will be saved by implementing new methods of weather forecasting, methods invented by allowing soft drink giants, financial corps., internet moguls and even brewers to stake their claim via bidding early on once a tropical storm has been upgraded. Simulated news report: "Hurricane Expedia.com is now a category 3 storm; there is a mandatory evacuation for all of coastal Florida. Anyone who makes it inland prior to the end of this broadcast will save 10 to 15% on any hotel rate in Orlando".
UrineForATreat, Sep 16 2003

Germany: 299 EUR high-pressure, 199 EUR low http://www.met.fu-berlin.de/wetterpate/
Must be a common first name; gender and first letter are fixed. Guess who's getting ready to bring some sunshine after "Imogen" moves through? [jutta, Feb 18 2007]


       The flip side would be to gobble up all the advertising for the television weather broadcasts.   

       "This hurricane warning brought to you by so-and-so, makers of small boats."
phoenix, Sep 16 2003

       Over the top naming rights half-baked in 'Infinite Jest' by David Foster Wallace. Can't remember a hurricane, per se, but just about everything else including the name of the year.
oxen crossing, Sep 16 2003

       Let the competition do the paying. "Wendy's and Burger King won the bid to name the incoming hurricane Ronald. Combined payment was $3Mio. McDonald's lost the bid with an offer of only $500k."
kbecker, Sep 16 2003

       Maybe we should just follow the Microsoft format for naming disasters, and call them 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.
DrCurry, Sep 16 2003

       //follow the Microsoft format //   

       "The death and destruction? It's a feature, not a bug!"
Detly, Sep 16 2003

       //The current naming system for cyclones in Oceania is simple.//   

       Its the exact same system for Hurricanes in the Atlantic. I suspect it's a planetwide system.
kdmurray, Jan 16 2007

       Well, on one side of the planet it's the name for the cyclone, on the other side it was the name for this cute butterfly's wing flap.
imaginality, Jan 16 2007


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