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Corporate Police Sponsorship

Make for nicer looking police cars!
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Companies provide extra resourcing for police (or fire, ambulance) and in return get their logo and paint scheme on the vehicles with the flashing lights!

Could have additional benefits for the companies...

zero5, Oct 06 2001

Baked http://espn.go.com/...1/1004/1259022.html
[angel, Oct 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Baked again. http://www.coralwin....co.uk/WhyCoral.htm
(Bottom of page) [angel, Oct 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Neal Stepehenson: Snow Crash http://www.amazon.c...53380958/halfbakery
Dystopian future with, among other things, privately owned and operated police forces and jails. [jutta, Oct 06 2001]


       whether baked or not, still a bad idea

quarterbaker, Oct 08 2001

       baked in south africa where BMW have given the Johannesburg police 50 fully tuned cars and guns to prevent carjacking (they always go for posh cars and the old police cars were too slow to catch them)
chud, Oct 11 2001


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