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boggle goggles

random conversation starters
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This novel yet absurd eyeware, consists of a pair of rather large goggles filled with small letter-covered dice as in the family fun game - 'boggle'. Cast your mind to an inebriated evening when silliness was rife and easily stirred with double entendre, blatant flirtation and more than a double shot of absurd and verging on the troublesome, rambling innuendo.

A quick shake of the head and the goggles reveal a new string of assembled letters, hopefully in the order that you wish the viewer to read. Via the fickle hand of fate, you can effortlessly be taking home a delightful young thing as the words mysteriously spell out 'your place or mine' - or in an unfortunate twist 'your face looks like urine'.

benfrost, Dec 31 2004


       Imagine the amount of alternate universes you're allowing; it's mind-boggling.
RayfordSteele, Dec 31 2004

       // A quick shake of the head //
Ouch, better wear earplugs! Or, "Sorry, couldn't hear you, I was shaking my head."
phundug, Dec 31 2004

       are you paying attention, Carol Vorderman?
po, Dec 31 2004

       <list alert>   

       "No. I'm not a gynaecologist, but I'll have a look for you."
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 01 2005

       Goggle boggles, then, would be glasses containing a camera devide that that could relay the image looked upon to some wire-connected computery stuff, which in turn would analyse all possible word strings in a game of normal (or super) boggle, displaying the strings on the HUD, allowing the bespectacled cheat to win comprehensively and consistently.
calum, Jan 01 2005


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