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Eye blinds

rub,rub,rub those smears away.
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Take two micro fibre cleaning cloths and affix to aluminium roller tubes, roll them up like small window blinds, attach across the upper rim of the spectacles, attach a nano sidewinder control mechanism with cotton threads at each end.

When you need to clean the spectacles, toggle the nano sidewinder control mechanism and unroll the micro blinds, rub the front and back of the lenses with the hanging cloth.No need to remove spectacles if your only cleaning the outer lenses.

Fancy a nap? leave them hanging down like two curtain-blinds which now block out the light.

Lazy eye or office pirate party? leave one micro blind down.

Any two pieces of cloth left over? stick them in your ears and cut out all sound.When finished pull the little cotton sidewinder threads which will return the micro blinds up into little rolls again on the upper rim.

Inspired by [jonthegeologist] Suit for the eye.

skinflaps, Apr 19 2005

Suit for the eye Suit_20for_20the_20eye
[skinflaps, Apr 19 2005]




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