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digital newspaper vending machine

news + rant
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Old news papers is going out of style for digital news content. This also means newspaper vending machine will soon go out of style as well.

Instead of getting rid of old newspaper vending machines, why not convert it to be a digital paper vending machine. The 'latest newspaper cover' will be replaced with a video screen, showing a typical news headline (but with headline photos done as cinemagraph).

To use, just insert a coin (like normal newpaper vending machine). Next the display will indicate three choices. You can either tap your phone NFC style, or you can scan a QR code, or you can print out a token to enter the news website.

As additional incentive to impulse puchase, after paying, you are given an opinion token. On the newspaper headline display, is two column. One is local to only this newspaper, and the other one is present to all digital news dispenser. Posting an opinion or rant takes one token in the local column, and two tokens for the global column (Cost of token can be adjusted algorithmically to give time for people to see each post).

mofosyne, Feb 05 2014


       Good point bigsleep. I guess its more towards a hybrid of advertising and proximity selling of digital goods.   

       I think this is more an evolution of the purpose of the original 'street corner paper boy', who were replaced by vending machine. The paper boy is more than just a seller of newspaper, he also advertises it's existance, which increases the chance of readers purchasing subscriptions (via paper boys on bikes). This is more effective than a wall advert, because a corner paper boy is interactive.   

       An analogy can be made of this machine, in that it provides an interactive experience, but with an additional dimention of an 'interactive opinion display'. This transforms the transaction from a oneway affair of receiving infomation, into a twoway affair where the readers can get their views across in an organic and timely manner. (made more effective by the local nature of a 'local opinion' section, that updates in real time).
mofosyne, Feb 05 2014


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