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have a floating bong/cooler in the channel of your favorite surf spot
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how many times have you lost your buzz after getting lickings on your last wave? Well don't go in and roll another joint just paddle to the channel and take some rips while watching the waves with your bouy that double as a bong. if anything just get a bouy that had a trap door to keep a six pack and a lighter and some joints. Put couple sandwiches and some water you can surf all day!
james, Mar 17 2005


       <sp.> "buoy"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 17 2005

       As a diver, when I'm hanging out by a buoy, intoxicants are the last thing on my mind.
normzone, Mar 17 2005

       I'm guessing you are talking about a waterpipe or hooka. A bong is not the same thing. A bong lacks the filter designed to stop ashes and bits of weed from falling in the water. thus when smoking a bong you inhale the total amount of smoke in one go. The remainder gets sucked violently into the water and it gives you astream of fresh air in your lungs straight after the intake of the drug. The fresh air pushes the drugs deeper into your lungs and leaves you refreshed and stoned at the same time.
zeno, Mar 18 2005

       hmmm, maybe i should set up a little business out where the waves start. "ho, cuz, set. you need one hit, brah?" how many cops go out there anyway?   

       if it tips over in a storm, you'll have some drunk fish. [+] they're better marinated, anyway.
changokun, Mar 18 2005

       This is genius. Where's the channel? The government should put bouys like this out there for first aid.
JesusHChrist, Mar 18 2005


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