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bullet buddy

sheild to block the bullets in case of "road rage".
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a bullet proof strip of kevlar that would measure approx. 3 feet by 4 feet. It would be attached to either door panal (inside of course), with the top portion folded down, and held with velcro, if someone doesn't like your face, and is going to shoot you dead, you merely bring the top portion of the sheild up to protect your upper body, and head, along with your lower body, giving you a chance to escape.
cornpad, Nov 09 2000

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       Our rulers are in the process of outlawing body armor; what makes you think they will permit you to have armored panels in your car?   

       The cops might want to shoot you someday.   

       Ask Janet Reno; she's fresh out of napalm for roasting kiddies at this point in time.   

       And somehow I mistrust ideas from people who cannot spell "shield" or "panel".
boris, Nov 15 2000

       Hey, boris:   

zombie, Nov 15 2000

       Hey, if someone is out to kill you for some reason do what we do in Texas. Shoot them first!
ccodahh, Nov 18 2000

       >>The cops might want to shoot you someday. At least I know where I'm going after I get shot!
Amishman35, Feb 24 2001

       //Hey, if someone is out to kill you for some reason do what we do in Texas. Shoot them first!//   

       All these road rage protection ideas... 'Bout dang time someone else thought of actually DEFENDING THEMSELVES! Confidential concealed carry is the ultimate solution.
SoldierJim, Feb 24 2006

       As to spelling, the English language changes over the ages, and this post dates back to the early hours of this century.   

       Also, "panal" may be a historical variant of "banal", which clearly prefigures the "kill 'Em all, let God sort 'em out" tripe that the post engendered.   

       As for "sheild", English is a Germanic language. In German, the "ei/ie" dipthongs are pronounced using the English long-vowel of the second character: thus "sheild" is pronounced "shyld", or "child", again reflecting that thinking.
land, Feb 25 2006

       From the authors profile page:   

       "and waisting time online. "   

       ([normzone] looks down at own waistline)
normzone, Feb 25 2006

       I regret to say that a google search for "bullet buddy" found a source for animal-shaped dildo extensions "to go on your single or double bullet".
normzone, Feb 25 2006

       umm.. velcro isn't the ideal material for supporting gunshots.
neo_, Nov 25 2009


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