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carpet mower

Mowing the carpet
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Carpet Mower is a sturdy 4-wheel self-propelled lawnmower. The top-mounted 2-stroke petrol engine with pull-cord starter drives a powerful suction fan. The adjusting levers on the wheels enables a much lower setting to be used that the lawn mower variety, though most of the components are common to both models. The fan blows the sucked-up air backwards into a large collecting bag.

Basically the only difference between this and a normal grass-cutting rotary lawn mower is that this one has no cutting blade but has a suction fan instead.

Optional accessory - steel flexible duct which connects the engine exhaust to a ceiling-mounted extractor vent.

pocmloc, May 21 2020


       Sort of like a dangerous petrol-powered vacuum cleaner?
wagster, May 21 2020

       Yes... that's a good summary.
pocmloc, May 21 2020

       The extractor duct seems like a pointless accessory.
whatrock, May 21 2020

       There must be fuels with sweet smelly product scents.
wjt, May 23 2020

       "... crop circles in the carpet..."
tatterdemalion, May 24 2020


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