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cat ninja suit

It would be funny
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Cats are naturally all sneaky and agile. So how about a ninja suit for a cat, complete with nunchukus and belt with throwing stars and katana sword.

I wish it was possible to post anonymously on here.

royalfoxbridge, May 24 2006

Ninja Cat http://us-p.vclart....GoN/WD_NinjaCat.jpg
[DrCurry, May 24 2006]

a dressed up cat... http://www.stuffonm...itemid=310&catid=12
[xandram, May 25 2006]

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       //I wish it was possible to post anonymously on here//I feel for you.
po, May 24 2006

       How little you know about K/cats. We are fashion freaks and would not be seen dead - well, asleep in this stuff.
The Kat, May 24 2006

       Hey, you never know. Cats know when they look good - I have a cat who will wear one collar but refuse to wear another, which are similar except for the presence (favorite) or absence of rhinestones.
shapu, May 24 2006

       Could be made of aluminium foil.
skinflaps, May 25 2006

       \\If experience serves me\\ I can't say that I'm not intrigued.
hidden truths, May 25 2006


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