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cat slippers

saves your carpet
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Does your cat come in with Dirty feet ? Make him leave his shoes at the door and change into these comfy slippers... saves carpet wear
dazwah, Feb 19 2002

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       dazwah, you are half baked, dear.
po, Feb 19 2002

       I find socks are easier and machine washable, but I can only find ten of them (I am 3 cats mad).
arora, Feb 19 2002

       Thought this was about buying cats from the animal shelter, gutting them and using them as slippers...   

       Also worth noting that I'm sure if you search enough pet web sites you'll find somewhere that does these... I have seen them before but to protect cats feet in areas where the ground is hot and might burn their feet. (They do more complex ones for rescue dogs... cut proof as well)
CasaLoco, Feb 19 2002

       Can I watch you put them on? I promise I'll call the ambulance once you have all four on...
StarChaser, Feb 22 2002

       Indeed, Starchaser, you'd have to sedate the cat.
bristolz, Mar 28 2005


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