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caught on camera

program that when someone mistypes, or logs into computer the built it camera will take a quick picture
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So I often have the problem of my friends and family guessing my password then logging on my computer, using it, logging out, and I come back hours later often wondering "hmmmm who logged on last?" now for me at least it would be a pain if the computer just told you what time or where you logged in last, I will never be able to guess if it was me that logged in at that specific time. (at least in most circumstances) so why not when you log on if you have a web cam set up with your laptop, desktop, ect. the computer will take a quick snapshot of the user facing the screen and save the picture, then next time you log onto your computer it will show a little pop up in the corner of the picture taken from the last login, maybe archiving them if the user wishes, now of course you could turn this feature off if you so felt the need.

1. user correctly types in password 2. after computer finishes loading desktop ect. webcam turns on and snaps a photo of current user. 3. user loggs of .... .... 9 hours later

4. new user logs into computer and is shown the picture that was taken earlier.

now this would work very well with any laptop, first off they are always right where other people can get at them so they are a big target, and now basically all laptops have some type of camera in them. Now say the person logging in blocks the camera/unplugs the camera/ect. then when you look at the last login picture you will at least know it is time to pick a better password

snow_limit, Jul 15 2010


       2.5 user deletes photograph.
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2010

       2.3 Computer emails photo to prespecified address.
mouseposture, Jul 15 2010

       2.7 User logs onto e-mail and substitutes photo of owner.
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2010

       You need to decide whether you want to prevent those people from using the computer or not. All of your "security" measures you choose are dependent on your intentions there.... simply choosing a well constructed password in the first place should give you peace of mind.
jamobaker, Jul 15 2010

       In fact, [21 Q], that might be a good way to remember them fondly.... Ah, the good times we had during the jjy776$$# era...
jamobaker, Jul 15 2010

       [FT] 2.7 requires not the account-holder's, but the *administrator's* password for the email server (plus a fairly expert knowlege of how the server's configured -- yeah security, obscurity, yadda, yadda).   

       [21_Quest] Either you have strong passwords or ... the women you lived with weren't actually interested in hacking into your computer. Is it possible they were more into *you* ?
mouseposture, Jul 15 2010

       How about you just pick a password that's not easy to guess?
Freefall, Jul 15 2010

       [mp] if somebody's guessed the account password, they shouldn't have any problem with the... oh, I see... well "delete e-mail" then I suppose.   

       //How about you pick a password that's not easy to guess?// You're not from around here, are you :D   

       Actually just pick any two persistent (real)desktop items as a password: "grecian urn 144 kilovolt taser" or something like that. (Your desk top may vary)   

       though if you want to get technical, just set Autologin to On and Guest as the autologin account. (don't look at me though: I autologin to root, the occasional total buggerup is less hassle then constantly having to fiddle with permissions)
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2010

       I hope you spiked the wallet with (outrageously fake) incriminating items just for fun.
pocmloc, Jul 15 2010

       [FlyingToaster]//I autologin to root// Awe-inspiring machismo.   

       [21_Quest] I stand corrected. They were *not* that into you.
mouseposture, Jul 16 2010

       //What's a kilovolt taser?// low end model... I actually do have a (faux) Grecian urn on my desk though.   

       //Awe-inspiring machismo// nah: I just don't see the point.
FlyingToaster, Jul 16 2010

       // My ex-wife and most recent ex used to go through my phone and wallet on a regular basis //   

       "Trust no-one, for no-one is worthy of your trust" (Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, 1 August 10 BC – 13 October AD 54)   

       Nice bloke, bit of a waffler though.
8th of 7, Jul 16 2010


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