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cheerleading spell-o-rama

Fundraising alternative to car wash.
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When a school puts on a big party/fair for fundraising purposes, offer the following service:

You write it, we spell it. Pay a dollar per word, Ms and Ws count double, and our lovely cheerleading squad will spell your texts, one word at a time, while you either film them or take pictures or, for a small additional fee, have your picture taken with them and e-mailed to you.

(Now that almost everyone is walking around with a camera phone on them, there's a market for making interesting personalized performances that a person could not produce on their own.)

Just imagine breaking up with someone using this medium.

jutta, Sep 25 2005


       This is a bit frivolous for you, isn't it? +
angel, Sep 25 2005

       //Just imagine breaking up with someone using this medium.//   

       "hah, I'd like to witness that!"
skinflaps, Sep 25 2005

       Bun, for so many reasons but especially for that last line. I giggled long and hard.   

       I could really see this working, though. I've only ever seen 'multimedia messaging' or whatever it's called used for porn or pictures of beer. This would make a welcome change.
moomintroll, Sep 25 2005

       I'll give you a J.
po, Sep 25 2005

       Breaking up with someone in less than ten letters...   




       This could simplify things.
wagster, Sep 25 2005

       Give you a U
The Kat, Sep 25 2005

       "H I M O M". It seems popular for normal signs, so why not for human signs. [+] for finding that weird spot between inspired and weird.
hidden truths, Sep 25 2005

       I would be willing to spend the full amount everyday just to have them flash especially neat signage to the surrounding streets.   

       May have to hire a few extras everyday, because many great phrases are more than 10 letters but less than 20 letters.
sleeka, Sep 25 2005


       <changes hand>   


       Thanks girls!
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 26 2005

       Get the football squad in there. Offensive linemen for capitals.
lurch, Sep 26 2005

       Why not combine it with a car wash?   

       "CAR WASH -->"   

       You can have them do a little dance or something to keep the drivers occupied while whatever school group is scratching their car up with brittle brushes and staining it with soap spots.   

       Somehow I never realized you were a cheerleader...   

       Put it on-line and have a webcam film the jumping and jiggling, and I think you've got a winner - people would likely be as interested in watching other people's messages. Though do throw in a boys' squad too, to make the whole thing less sexist.
DrCurry, Sep 26 2005

       How did I miss this? I don't do the view thing, and just randomly browse. I think that jutta's ideas should have a different font, or size, or color in the recent listings.   

       That said, I can think of a million ways to use these lovelies to get my point across. Hey boss man, quick look out the window...   

       Y_O_U C_H_E_A_P B_A_S_T_A_R_D
S_O_M_E G_I_R_L S_C_O_U_T C_O_O_K_I_E_S!!!
blissmiss, Sep 27 2005

       //I think that jutta's ideas should have a different font, or size, or color //   

       That's easy - make it the cheerleader smell-o-rama font.
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 27 2005

       Clichés come to mind, but I'm wondering if this has been done for a packaged music cover?
reensure, Sep 27 2005

       H E Y M I C K E Y !
calum, Sep 27 2005

       A Locomotive for the Team! M.I.T.
Garboon, Sep 27 2005

       Oops! (Massachusetts Institute of Technology .. hmmm ~ 34 letters ~ do spaces count?)
Garboon, Sep 27 2005

       What is this obsession with numbers? Why do some letters cost double?
...Aah - do the cheerleaders form the letters themselves?

       To maximise the market, the spell-o-ramans will have to permit punctuation, ampersats and the like.
Loris, Nov 28 2005

       Bongwater had something similar on the cover of their album 'The Power of Pussy'.
DrBob, Dec 22 2005

       //Pay a dollar per word, Ms and Ws count double// You mean per letter, i'm guessing.
apocalyps956, Sep 01 2006


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