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chemical lawn mowing

lawn mowed by special chemical agent
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Lawn is watered every day using nozzles hidden in the ground. Once a week you (or an automatic dispenser) add a few drops of a special "7 day lawn" chemical agent to the water. This special chemical agent contains the acting molecules (that cut-destroy the leaves) completely wrapped to several (in this case 7) layers of protecting molecules that react to sun light. Every day one protective layer is destroyed/dissolved by sun. On day 7 the acting molecules become free and cut the lawn in 7 day height...
slovakmartin, Jul 29 2006


       The idea here needs to be the chemical itself, which you haven't specified. Thankfully I'm here to help.   

       Just as spring is coming in, fill a watering can with water and add a glass of gin - the grass comes up half-cut.
fridge duck, Jul 30 2006

       You need a kind of chemical escapement; the first reaction requires light, the second requires absence of light and the completion of the first reaction, the third requires light and the completion of the second reaction, and so on. Otherwise the rate would depend on total light exposure rather than on the number of days passing. This would actually work for grass, since the meristems are basal. (+)
spidermother, Jul 30 2006


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