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chernoff face stock screens

a face gives you more info, more quickly than 10 graphs
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the market is so volitile that if you play by the charts and stats, you have to screen dozens to hundreds of companies- and for each of these, many many variables like 52 wk high, low, market cap, sector, recent performance, PE, etc.

you could use a face to describe all these things very quickly (not detailed, but a fast way to get an overview). the PE could be the slope of the smile (frown). the sector could be the hair style. etc.

obviously, programs exist to draw graphs in realtime, so you would be able to automate the face. in fact, speaking of realtime, you could animate the faces!

further, these faces could be plotted in order to identify "strangers" or promising types. i first had the idea of using some made-up cartoon character. then i discovered some social scientist (chernoff) already developed the idea of using faces. i think it's time to use this great idea for stocks. i think it would be particulalrly useful with clearstation.com.

of course the real charts are availalbe. click on the nose or whatever. this is just a more effective presentation.

gnormal, Feb 05 2001

So What's a Chernoff Face, Anyway? http://www.bradandk...faces.html#chernoff
[jutta, Feb 05 2001]

Chernoff faces in accounting http://204.179.122....mlh/cg/05909BD2.PDF
From the Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 1996. "[..] schematic faces have yet to achive [...] acceptability, perhaps because of the novelty of the approach and the emotive manner in which their accounting message is conveyed." [jutta, Feb 05 2001]


       Alternatively, you could write a program that generates music according to the stock behavior. I imagine people getting really good at listening to the tones and knowing exactly when it's about to go into a minor key.
centauri, Feb 05 2001

       that would be fun to listen to... but calls for an even more luxurious use of the time domain than graphs.
gnormal, Feb 21 2001


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