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childsafe sensor

Detects motion in vehicles when temperature levels reach dangerous levels.
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Device with a temperature sensor switch that activates a motion detector when temperature levels in a vehicle begin reaching dangerously cold or hot levels. If the motion detector senses movement, the vehicles lights flash and horn honks.

There have been WAY too many children dieing from being left in vans and suvs this summer.

jchf6230, Jul 09 2003

rayfo's take on this http://www.halfbake..._20left_20in_20cars
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       Great idea, [jc]. Although I fear those who leave kids in cars would rely on this too much, and others might just think it's a car alarm and ignore it. Perhaps combine it with an auto-window-rolldown feature.
Worldgineer, Jul 09 2003

       <news>Today a man was shot in the head while trying to rescue a child suffering from heat stroke...</news>
Worldgineer, Jul 09 2003

       people leave kids in cars ? .. jeeeez. bones I'm afraid because anything that encourages stupid people to be more stupid should be discouraged. [shift]'s argument can be sorted with a simple car alarm to alert the parents
neilp, Jul 10 2003

       "Hello, this is OnStar. How can I help you?"
"I'm sorry, I don't understand"
"I'm afraid there's something wrong with the connection. Please call back later."
Cedar Park, Jul 11 2003

       Alarm activates solar powered air conditioning?   

       Or skip the alarm and just add solar powered air conditioning. Aaah, a cool car to climb into in the summertime.
Worldgineer, Jul 11 2003

       "Hello, this is OnStar. How can I help you?"
"Please hold for Russian translator."
phundug, Jul 11 2003

       good idea + but i have one concern, what if i leave my cell phone in my car (which i do everyday) and its on vibrate mode (which it is everytime)?
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 14 2003

       I left this fish in your car and it died. [-]
disbomber, Apr 06 2005


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