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Backseat Shenanigans Indicator

Wouldn't you want to know?
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Perfect for that stressed and distracted mommy driving the SUV, the limo driver to the kids' alcohol-banned prom, or just the driver who wants to know the source of that odd smell ...

The dashboard-mounted Backseat Shenanigans Indicator would light up in a range of colors, when there is any driver-unsanctioned "stuff" going on. Colors could include blue for the child or pet shredding the upholstery, green for the kid's seatbelt or baby seat belt unstrapped while the car is in motion, purple for the child hanging out the window, yellow for (any kind of) liquid hitting the seats or floor; and red, of course, for the nookie.

This device would work as a convenience for the drivers of these chaotic vehicles. For the rest of us, who have to share the roads with these sleep-deprived, head-craning, N'Sync-deaf, kid-yelling, curb-jumping menaces in their gargantuan fossil-fuel-sucking SUVs, it might well save our lives.

1percent, Apr 24 2001


       Not a bad idea. Perhaps after verifiying the source of the distraction, Mrs. SUV could then press a button on the dash that would administer some sort of tranquilizer to the offending party?
kitsune, Apr 24 2001

       Half baked... Volvo sells an accessory mirror (convex) you mount inside the car enabling you to see the back seat clearer... it can also be used to see the face of your baby in rear facing babyseats.
andrewkorbel, Apr 24 2001

       While being the designated driver back from my work's Christmas party, I decided that bringing a video camera would be the greatest idea. Not only did I get a co-worker's insane ramblings about how I'm a good person and a crazy driver, I also managed to get footage of another one puking way too much for how little she ate. Good times, man. I could have gone for this nifty little device.
AfroAssault, Oct 22 2001

       AfroAssault as a designated driver! Hahahahahahahahhah! Ow it hurts!
snarfyguy, Oct 23 2001

       No mention of the other type of 'back seat shenanigans'?
supercat, Oct 24 2001

       //and red, of course, for the nookie.//   

       Isn't this what red lights always signify? (Traffic signals excluded, of course.)
1percent, Oct 24 2001

       Why exclude traffic signals? Stopped at an intersection, what's else to do? More fun if you aren't driving alone, too.   

       (I *don't* have kids. All the fun's for me.)
hello_c, Oct 25 2001


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