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chocolate vitamins

combine chocolate with vitamins for nourishing fun
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I'm surrounded by people who seem to feel guilty whenever they eat chocolate. But they eat it anyway, so the guilt serves no purpose.

My thought is to put vitamins into chocolates: that way, instead of feeling guilty, people will be able to say "it contains 100 percent of my daily requirement of riboflavin" as they drift off into chocolate-fueled ecstasy.

Redbird, Jun 28 2000

Cup o Cocoa keeps the doctor away http://news.bbc.co..../health/3248455.stm
[django, Oct 17 2004]

Real chocolate is good for your health http://news.bbc.co....i/health/237652.stm
Eat more chocolate and you will live one year longer. [django, Oct 17 2004]


       Vitamin supositories are healthier and provide a different kind of ecstasy.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       Baked. Viactiv makes calcium and vitamin D in chewy chocolate squares. I've tried them. EXCELLENT.
Sparki, Apr 28 2001, last modified Aug 14 2001

       I think Viactiv is a neat way to get women to take more Calcium (that's the target market, anyways). But otherwise... noooooo! I think it's bad enough that kiddie vitamins are fun flavors and cool shapes; the littlest kids think they're candy. Then they eat tons, OD on iron or fat soluble vitamins... or they think all pretty orange pills are their vitamins and eat a handful of grandma's orange headache pills. I say just eat the chocolate, but make a pact with yourself to take a low-dose multivitamin first if your diet is really so terrible that you need one.
djanaba, Jun 15 2001

       Finally, something to do with my fondue machine!
nick_n_uit, Jun 15 2001

       Djanaba, about little kids thinking fun-flavored vitamins are candy -- that's what PARENTS are for! It's their job to put the pretty, colorful tablets in a place where Junior or Sissy can't get to them.
Sparki, Aug 14 2001

       Baked AND HOW! BodySmarts has a line of chocolate crunch bars fortified with nutrients
Sparki, Sep 04 2001

       fruit and nut chocolate! Its got everything you need.
dijit, Jun 22 2002

       //Vitamin supositories are healthier and provide a different kind of ecstasy.//   

       I asked the pharmasist how to use those and he told me to stick them up my...   

       Well, let's just say he wasn't very polite about it.
GenYus, Feb 06 2004

       Chocolate is good for you! It is the all the sugar which is bad. Sweeten the chocolate with something healthy and tooth-friendly like xylotol, and go for it!
davidlbangs, Aug 18 2004


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