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coffee and doughnut dispenser

saves desk space
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A very hard to solve problem is how to save desk space and still have your own coffee machine and box of doughnuts on your desk. My idea is to put a spout going out of the coffee machine and going to your desk. The doughnut dispenser would have a tube to load doughnuts into with a lever to let the doughnuts fall. this way you would not have any humongus appliences on your desk!!
bloodelf55, Jul 14 2005

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       Laziness was labeled as an epidemic today at a major world's health consortium. And, here's Tom with the weather.   

       Well, guys, the weather is outside today.
daseva, Jul 14 2005

       p'raps bloodelf55 (?) needs to just take time to find his way & peruse the site -mebbe! <looking for a neck to sink canines into and suck...>   

       missing human interaction...   

       my minus btw.
po, Jul 14 2005

       Given that I do not have (or want) a coffee machine or donut dispenser on my desk, I'm not sure how this is going to save me any space.
DrCurry, Jul 14 2005

       Perhaps this would have been better received if the doughnuts had been catupulted across the office on demand?
hidden truths, Jul 15 2005

       Yes, but only the donuts.
Worldgineer, Jul 15 2005

       Could you possibly arrange donuts in such a way that a parabolic geyser of black coffee could traverse right through the center of them, without a touch? I'd like to see it anyway.
daseva, Jul 15 2005

       I had assumed this idea would be a regular coffee machine, but with a donut that is dispensed on the cup before the coffee pours in. Not as cool as the parabolic geyser, but more practical.
Worldgineer, Jul 15 2005

       Can't be bothered to [-], can I share yours [po]?
wagster, Jul 15 2005

       [+] for enabling both "sloth" and "gluttony" in one simple appliance.
Freefall, Jul 15 2005


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