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coffee pot wall of shame

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A digitized coffee maker (I'll use Bunn as an example because we use it here at work) with a digital scale under the coffee pot. When the coffee pot taken off of the heater/scale, it takes a picture of the person with a digital camera. When the pot is returned to the heater/scale, the scale determines if it is empty. If it is empty and the "brew" button is not pushed within the next two minutes, the picture is added to video screen "wall of shame" above the coffee maker.
thejini, Aug 07 2003


       and the one who left the photocopier out of paper.
po, Aug 07 2003

       Curious. Why do you suppose that it is assumed that the person who drinks the last cup must make a new pot of coffee?  It is less troublesome, and the coffee is fresher, if the person who wants a new pot make it. This also avoids the situation where the next-to-last drinker leaves a wisp of coffee just to avoid the "last cup" stigma.   

       Also, less coffee will be left to waste if the new pot is only made upon demand rather than as a reflex.  However, this is not the case with the photocopier as paper doesn't spoil, at least not in the same timeframe as coffee does.  Even so, as a practical matter, I think that it is more realistic for the person who is about to make copies to reload the paper as, often, no one is aware that the copier is out until it stops copying.   

       I feel differently about network printers, though. They should be filled on a schedule because they do their work unattended.
bristolz, Aug 07 2003

       I don't know where you work, but over here coffee is being drank non-stop all day. We must have 20 people for one coffee pot.
thejini, Aug 07 2003

       bris: I agree with you entirely; however, you often cannot tell that your print job just used the last paper in the printer, while you can always tell that you used the last of the coffee. (My preferred solution are those single sachet machines that make one cup at a time: better coffee, usually, and they brew excellent tea too.)
DrCurry, Aug 07 2003

       bristolz: Isn't the problem with making the coffee on demand, that you then have to wait for it to brew?   

       We also have a one-shot machine, so I apologise if I'm wrong.
sandfly, Aug 07 2003

       so instead of a coffe maker, everyone should get a "one shot" machine for fresh coffe, no waiting and no burnt pots.
crispee, Aug 07 2003

       That's the suggestion [crispe]
gnomethang, Aug 07 2003

       thejini, perhaps an addition to your proposal to include the 'one shot' idea? a well placed bullet of custard could publically shame repeat offenders. where's that link for food-stains when I need it?
seedy em, Aug 07 2003

       [sandfly]: there is a bit of a wait but if the coffee brewer is a high capacity machine like the Bunn that [thejini] references, the wait is only 3 or 4 minutes. The advantage is that the coffee is at its best when you get it.
bristolz, Aug 07 2003

       Should the last person to use the restroom thoughtlessly leave a cardboard roll up for the next person, or replenish the roll from the hallway closet?   

       Should a pizza parlor wait until they've used the last of the canned pineapples or olives before going back to the stockroom to open a new case, bring a big-ass can back to the prep area, which is now backlogged with orders, open the can...   

       Should a bartender wait until he's out of...   

       + for thinking|+ahead|+unselfishly.
thumbwax, Aug 07 2003

       It should be the coffee machine's responsibility to ensure that a new pot is brewed. Using your system, it will know that a pot is empty, so it should just make a new one. Run a water line in, and develop a filter/grounds removal/replacement system. This has probably already been done.   

       That way, coffee's made and no one's humiliated.
waugsqueke, Aug 08 2003

       But then it will make coffee no one wants, at least one pot per day.   

       [TW] the toilet paper analogy doesn't work as TP doesn't spoil at the rate that brewed coffee spoils. Making a fresh pot and then having no one want any for two hours is an utter waste. Very common, too, as I see in my office. I think, in the case of coffee, that there is a probably better rule than the automatic "make a new pot" rule.   

       Maybe, "make a new pot if you drink the last cup unless it is after 12:00 noon." or something.
bristolz, Aug 08 2003

       Try 3:00pm :)
mwburden, Aug 08 2003

       are you kidding, coffee flys like free money in the morning.
thejini, Aug 08 2003

       Forgive me, I have approximately 25 years of office dwelling experience and it seems to me that those who don't like this idea, also don't like making coffee.   

       Instead of printouts and video screens on the wall, how about an Ethernet connection where the image is piped to every computer? the company could also do a bulletin board, something like the "10 Most Wanted" posters.
dougp01, Jul 29 2005

       Oh how I love my office's on-demand coffee machine.
Worldgineer, Jul 29 2005

       This is why I wear a ghillie suit when I go for a refill...
gomer, Jul 31 2008

       Not so long ago, I worked in an office where an old lady trundled a small trolley through the office, with a friendly smile and a very nice cup of freshly brewed coffee at 10:30 in the morning, and a nice cup of tea at 2:30pm. It's amazing how your body knows it is 10:25am or 2:25pm.   

       Of course, it was all done so that there were no interruptions to work, but it was rather "quaint" (for want of an adequate term). It was an old consultancy, with even older staff, that looked at you over the tops of their glasses if you clinked a cup too loudly.
Ling, Jul 31 2008

       Ling, at Laing O'Rourke's main offices they still do; and a biccie on Fridays!
gnomethang, Aug 01 2008


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