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Coffee Cup Printer

Novelty shape k-cups
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For the uninitiated, the Keurig machines are taking over the planet, and while no doubt many a purist would prefer two cups of coffee, they have gained significant market share, with major coffee brands (e.g. Dunkin) now offering K-Cup varieties.

There are other, competing cartridge products on the market as well.

This idea is about being able to manufacture, including in a home setting, a sealed packet of arbitrary shape (say, a snowman), that contains coffee, and contains the minimal required characteristics (a centered rigid base and top area) to fit into the cartridge area of such a brewer and allow it to deliver a cup of coffee.

Random shape tea bags next.

theircompetitor, Oct 21 2011

Wikipedia page on Keurig http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keurig
to assist with what might be the least helpful introductory paragraph ever to contain the phrase "for the uninitiated" [calum, Oct 21 2011]

Coffee Cup Printer (but not k-cups) http://cunicode.com/one-coffee-cup-a-day/
[swimswim, Nov 20 2011]


       Many would prefer even one cup of coffee.
pocmloc, Oct 21 2011

po, Oct 21 2011

       The Keurig Device sounds ghastly. According to the Wikipedia page, the user " invokes the brew feature". I cannot imagine any civilized, sane society in which the words "invoke the brew feature" would occur.   

       Regrettably, therefore, I must bone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 21 2011

       I've had "coffee" from a Keurig machine. I think I would rather have vagina jam.
DIYMatt, Oct 21 2011

       There's only one question to answer... Will it pass the Keurig Test?
infidel, Oct 24 2011

       But, you still have to buy the grains? I don't see how this really makes anything easier. A bit fun, perhaps, but not easier.   

       I had a friend who simply did not understand the difference between my espresso machine and his Keurig. To the point where if I asked what he was doing he would occasionally respond that he was making "an espresso", presumably because this sounds fucking awesome and saying "pressing a button and watching runny brown water come out" does not. This infuriated me to the point of ruining our friendship, needless to say.
daseva, Oct 24 2011

       Keurig, Nespresso, Tassimo, Caffitaly, Flavia etc are all (to some extent) "successfull" in applying the Gillette loss-leader business model to the world of espresso. Some of these make reasonable cups of coffee.   

       That same model is to blame for countless other cynical, consumer infantalising, proprietary, non-open, producer-focused, wastes-of-resources, inefficiencies that proves that reasonably often, the "market" is an ass.   

       Other examples (other than Razors) include: Propriatary charger-connectors for mobile phones, Apple's DRM, The Entire Motor Industry, Microsoft, Printer Cartridges, blah blah etc   

       <rantus interruptus>   

       Onward to the idea - I quite like the idea of "hacking" the form/function of the container so that you can start selling warranty-voiding novelty versions. However, would people really go for it? If they've already invested in a proprietary one-task device and opted not to use the generic coffee grains/coffee-bag versions, then who knows what else they'll splash-out on.   

       Actually, there are advantages to the "cartridge" - they can be left out in public areas to be used to make drinks, with minimal mess made. So it's not all bad - but for home use? The mind boggles! Who in their right mind...etc etc, etc   

       <rantus continuum>
zen_tom, Oct 25 2011

       There's obviously a niche in coffee between instant and brewed convenience, and Keurig has been the most successful in exploiting it. Branding of K-cups is already happening -- this idea is just the next step.
theircompetitor, Oct 25 2011

       Isn't a K-cup 1000 cups?
phundug, Oct 25 2011

       I used to think it was a Pamela Anderson experiment.
theircompetitor, Oct 25 2011

       //warranty-voiding novelty versions// Buy them to use in other people's machines.
mouseposture, Oct 26 2011

       want good coffee? Get it fresh roasted, find your nearest coffee roaster. I found mine years ago.   

       Use coffee roasted no longer than 2 weeks ago. Grind every time you make. Use french press method, water at 190-200 degrees. Use a dark-ish roast, not a light one, but not really dark like french roast, just not a light roast.   

       If you want to roast your own, no need to buy a specialized coffee roaster, can simply use popcorn popper. Could use oven, but may not come out as evenly roasted.
EdwinBakery, Oct 26 2011


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