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collaborative gigapixel camera

network cameras and improve picture quality with them
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1: Create an ad-hoc wireless network between cameras and smart phones set to do so.
2: Use a precise timing signal to record when pictures are taken
3: Use multiple nearly-concurrent or coordinated and truly concurrent pictures between multiple cameras to vastly improve picture quality. When objects in various pictures look the same merge the best parts of multiple images and details between images. Each camera will have an effective lens up to hundreds of times larger.
4: Allow graceful performance improvement or degradation: improve images gradually as long as the camera is on the network.
Voice, May 20 2014

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       I see problems if the cameras take their pictures from different viewpoints, or at different times if the scene moves.   

       However, as long as you can persuade two cameras to occupy the same space at the same time*, this could work.   

       (*you may need to spin them in opposite directions)
MaxwellBuchanan, May 20 2014


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