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Build Your Own Camcorder

For people who have specific camera requirements.
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If other expensive electronics like laptops, and even cars have tools online to "build your own" and customize it to match your budget and requirements, why can't camcorders? For instance, you go to Canon's website and click "build your own". You then select the body type you want, and it gives you choices of lenses that will fit, optional external buttons and features, and the recording media (i.e. hard drive vs solid state). You then order your camera and it ships in a week.
DIYMatt, Jul 12 2009

The RED camera system http://www.red.com/store/
Build your own (hideously expensive) camcorder. [kaz, Sep 18 2009]


       didn't this idea have a handful or two of annos ? (just curious).   

       And I've got an idea for a "Build Your Own" TV, tyvm: backplane with 4-5 slots you can fill with tuner(s), HD/SD, DVD, etc.
FlyingToaster, Sep 18 2009


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