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Blindspot CCTV

Smarter than the average thief? I think not...
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A normal CCTV camera, angled slightly downwards, surveys the area. Meanwhile, hidden to the hard-working piece of surveillance equipment, a despicable hooded fiend, known only as a delinquent youth, stands underneath the poor device spray-painting "i r dat guy wot roolz i is" on the wall. Of course, it's only by fluke that the flatulent idiot stood underneath the camera, he's far to stupid to understand what a camera is unless it's explained as a "A box that watches stuff and remembers it so you can see it again, alright man?", but still, the innocent CCTV equipment gets blamed for not noticing the retarded scrawlings of the brainless oaf beneath. Unless of course, that CCTV camera is fortunate enough to have another camera within it's mountings aimed downwards at the blind spot.

Of course, this doesn't really have the greatest applications in catching moronic loiterers desecrating walls with their incoherent drivel, but it was merely an example. It would have greater applications in areas of high security, such as embassies and the like, so that spies who think they're clever by using the blindspots to go unnoticed can be caught with ease. Or at least with the use of a laser beam, an elaborate death, and several ridiculous puns and catchphrases. No doubt they were just "Keeping the British end up", or "Attempting re-entry". But certainly, they would be caught by the blindspot camera.

quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005


       Blind-spots in CCTV coverage are pretty rare - a well-specified and designed system like a high-security prison will have each camera covered by at least two others.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 13 2005

       Well having a Blindspot camera would negate the need to have so many other cameras covering it. And it could still be used in places that can't afford lots of cameras, just in case such a thing as an intelligent shoplifter were to come along
quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

       Not all crooks are stupid, apart from anything else how would you have an evil genius? Something on tv I saw not long ago showed some shoplifters with shopping bags lined inside with tin foil, and with another identical shopping bag in that, stopping the security by the doors detecting the tags. Also, wouldn't this camera just see the head of whoever is under it? A wide brimmed hat would be enough to keep them from view.
fridge duck, Aug 13 2005

       Good point, all those mexican, sombrero-wearing grafitti artists would get away scot free.   

       It wouldn't negate the need for other security cameras unless you also intend to install cameras on both sides of the mounting otherwise there would still be blind spots to the sides of the camera.   

       Also, be careful with your first paragraph [qc]. You are getting dangerously close to stereotyping.
hidden truths, Aug 13 2005


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