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collapsible iceaxe

A nice safe collapsible non-technical iceaxe
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Snow climbing is great, but packing iceaxes and travelling with them can be a nightmare. If the Iceaxe blades could be folded down inside the body of the handle when not in use, they would become soo much safer / more portable. Care would have to be taken to ensure that the heads, when un-collapsed, were mounted strongly enough and I doubt whether a technical ice-axe could ever be collapsible.
stestagg, Nov 28 2005

Folding modular walking ice axe http://www.lboro.ac...nts/show97/p10.html
(project, possibly patented) [Shz, Nov 29 2005]


       Wouldn't the ice/snow freeze this shut? And, when I might need such a device, I'd hate to try to get it unfolded while wearing gloves/mittens.   

       Maybe add a chemical stick inside that heats it up to melt ice and unfold easier, and at the same time, would aid in poking through ice.   

       Or, in emergency situations, add a flare at the end of the shaft to both heat & shine.
sophocles, Nov 28 2005

       [soph] I hadn't thought about it icing shut. However I guess that during an expedition it would be kept unfolded. If the release mechanism were activated by rotating a section of the handle, it should be fairly easy to operate with gloves etc.   

       I like the idea of the flare aswell. you could hack it in and then let off the flare :)
stestagg, Nov 29 2005

       Only the tip(s) need to recess into the handle for it to be safer. There could be enough exposed to grip / open easily if it ices. Spring-loaded? I'm trusting this as a clibming tool even less, but you did specify non-technical. +
Shz, Nov 29 2005

       The springs would only be used on opening, once open, there would need to be another method for locking them open.
stestagg, Dec 01 2005

       Could the handle be hollow? If so, the axe-y bit could be stored inside the handle and screwed onto the end when required.
angel, Dec 01 2005

       That was my thought. Provide a gravity catch on each handle so the axes won't open when hung off one's belt, but only when held upright.
reensure, Dec 01 2005


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