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Climbing Up The Walls of Everything

wall climbing variation
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Many gyms now have climbing walls, which mostly resemble a rising expanse of concrete, covered with large blobs of brightly coloured chewing gum. Great physical exercise, but lacking in much for stretching the imagination.

My idea is take the complete, and varied contents of a large department store like IKEA, Sears or Harrods, and attach it to a wall for climbing purposes. The wall would obviously need to be of substantial dimensions, but happily the Halfbakery knows few limits.

The entire value system and purpose of the various objects attached to the wall will therefore be converted into an index of hand and foothold usefulness. Larger items such as smooth surfaced fridges should provide a particular challenge, whilst a Rolex watch strap would quickly become a well worn foot hold.

Sofas and chairs would jut out at various angles to provide resting points where climbers might share their experiences of swinging across the famous "wig route", or negotiating the notorious "Power-Tools of Terror" passage.

xenzag, Sep 27 2007

Mobile Climbing Wall http://www.dorsetfo...o/Climingwall_1.jpg
I thought this was most excellent - had to share [xenzag, Sep 28 2007]

Russell's Paradox http://plato.stanfo...es/russell-paradox/
[xenzag, Sep 28 2007]

(?) http://pioneeringoo...ds/2014/09/ikea.jpg My idea as used by IKEA [xenzag, Oct 17 2014, last modified Oct 18 2014]


       Pulling myself up using the gold leafed toilet brush handle.[+]
skinflaps, Sep 27 2007

       ... and for the hoi polloi like me, read charity shop.   

       <supports left foot on an old Jim Reeves album>
po, Sep 27 2007

       I thought I would NEVER get past the ladies undergarments section! (+)
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 27 2007

       ok, i'll bun, even though i really wanted it to be more artistic, like a 3-D rendering of a Dali painting or an M.C.Escher-O-Gram. +
k_sra, Sep 27 2007

       Could work. Maybe attach an escalator to it for hefty folks?
blissmiss, Sep 27 2007

       Climbs the wall of chain saws>>>>>>>>>>+
xandram, Sep 27 2007

       What if you find yourself in the Climbing Wall department?
hippo, Sep 28 2007

       Then you stop and start reading Bertrand Russell's thoughts on categorisation (see link) - as you consider the extra paradox of negotiating the "awkwardly projecting ladders" section.
xenzag, Sep 28 2007

       //...the notorious "Power-Tools of Terror" passage//   

       [+] just for that.
shapu, Sep 28 2007

       See last link..... I think they should at least send me a flat pack trophy for using my idea.
xenzag, Oct 17 2014

       [xenzag]; it's like some-one has posted your Ideas on Facebook or something. So many are getting baked!
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 16 2022

       Saves me a lot of bother, and I still get to claim the credit.
xenzag, Jan 16 2022


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