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a rip van winkel hotel to keep people in a coma until awakening day
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have you ever thought you want to go to sleep for 20 years and wake up then in the future?

cryopreservation has never been proven to work, and the only legal methods of initiating the preservation process require you be legally dead before being preserved. it's basically bogus. to entering a coma , willingly, is the only legal method of going to sleep for a long long long time.

well the coma hotel exists to place people in comas and keep them under comfortably and alive until the predetermined time, or event----at which they specify to be awoken.

the hotel employs a swarm of robots to minimize the costs of changing bedding, and also employs hyperbaric chambers that montor oxygen and c02 content to synthesize more and less active sleep states. ( increase 02 encourages dreaming and decreasing it slow the entire body, and mind down)

rip van hotel.

teslaberry, Jan 27 2014

bakeD, aT leasT accordinG tO thiS linK http://www.tripadvi..._Ordino_Parish.html
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 28 2014]

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       "oops! Changed my mind. Really don't want to sleep 20 years. Honest Mr. Robot. Gotta pee. You would not believe the pressure. Whats that vacuum thing? Down there? No! No! ahhhh Needles No1"
popbottle, Jan 27 2014

       At the Coma,
The slothest spot north of Havana.
At the Coma,
Morpheation persuasion and of course intubation,
at the Coma....

       , hotel?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 28 2014

       coma coma down dooby doo down down   

       coma coma down dooby doodown down   

       coma coma down dooby doo down down   

       waking up is hard to do.
bungston, Jan 28 2014

       Love [2fries] and [bungston]'s songs!! So this idea is good for something. [song buns]
This idea makes me sleepy....
xandram, Jan 28 2014

       The "head" portion of a comet (as in "outer space") is called the "coma". So, a hotel in that place could be pretty interesting, except maybe when the comet gets a wee bit too close to the Sun.
Vernon, Jan 28 2014

       Coma Coma Coma Coma Coma Chameleon...
hippo, Jan 28 2014


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