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Bike Packers

A chain of back packers accommodating to cyclists
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I noticed the other day a cyclists who had two packs on the front wheels, two on the back, one of the front and one behind the seat, and I thought what a pain in the ass it must be every time he stops for overnight somewhere to unload all his bags etc.

So if there was a chain of back packers, 'Bike Packers", who accommodated to cyclist by simply having a series of mini garages about three foot wide with a roller door you purchased for a small additional fee to your dorm/room where you could simply roll your bike in, close the door and safe and secure without having to unload all your stuff.

They could would only have to be 5 foot high, so you could ramp the next level up, or for an added bonus they could be built into the actual dorm so your bike gets locked up, as they could be built into the end of the bunks.

Supercruiser, Feb 01 2004

Bicycle Lockers http://images.googl...oe%3DUTF-8%26sa%3DG
Banks of units like these are used by Los Angeles Bikers at Park & Ride Metro Transit stations. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       As I first started reading this idea, I thought it was going to be about a service provided by a company of off-road mountain bicyclists to transport backpacks between campsites for hikers on extended excursions, like traipsing the length of the Appalachian or John Muir Trails in the US. In many ways, this would have been just like the service that horse- and llama-outfitters provide guided campers in mountainous terrain. And, although analogously baked, I thought that was a commercially viable idea for a business near trails that were accessible to both overnight-hikers and mountain bikes.   

       But in closer reading I see that the idea was really about the lockers that mountain bikers would use, and unfortunately several varieties of these are already in distribution [link].
jurist, Feb 01 2004

       To me, this reads like the beginning of one idea and the end of another jammed together without the aid of a transition.   

       Then again, I'm not the swiftest deer in the forest.
half, Feb 01 2004


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