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hijack gas2

put the hijackers (and passengers) to sleep
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Make cockpit doors really strong and impermeable to gas. In case of hijacking, pilots can seal the door and fill the passenger cabin with sleeping gas. Everybody goes to sleep and the pilots can land the plane.
Karennina, Sep 24 2001


       Am I the only one who can foresee a potential malfunction in this device?
pottedstu, Sep 24 2001

       Did you not bother to read the ideas that already said this won't work?
StarChaser, Sep 29 2001

bobathie, Jun 27 2007

       I don't see the great problem with this. It is relatively practical (do-able at least) and would probably work. Bun unless anyone can give me a reason it wouldn't work. I doubt it would malfunction, the oxygen masks don't.
Germanicus, Jun 27 2007

       And if the hijacker is in the cockpit?
wolstech, Jun 29 2007

       Pilots control cabin pressure, enough said.
Antegrity, Jun 29 2007


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