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copyless editor

text editor without copy and paste
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To force lazy programmers to use abstraction instead of replication.

It would support cut and paste (once), move, search and replace, and all sorts of other editor features, but it wouldn't let you automatically duplicate text.

egnor, Aug 31 2000


       I'd allow cut and paste duplication within the same file, just no importing. If I had to retype every prototype twice in my code, it would never compile... =)
koz, Aug 31 2000

       I don't always care for wizards, which tend to generate unreadable code, but a precompiler that identifies redundent code and generates abstraction options might be useful. I dont know where I would be without cut and paste, I nearly always start by modifying existing classes with abstraction in mind as the ultimate goal - I'd rather spend my time on design and testing than on finding syntax errors.
Scott_D, Aug 31 2000

       Users should also be physically unable to declare global variables, get beeped at repeatedly if they make syntax errors, and get a small electric shock if they look at the keyboard instead of the screen while typing.
beland, May 26 2003


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