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crank-it cellphone

a new twist for an old gag
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Imagine a celphone that is never connected to any outlet: you crank it to charge it like a led lamp.

No more "My battery is running out" you just say -hold on a second- quickly crank it and going on with the conversation...

You can also make a joke or a distinguished design statement- making the cellphone wooden like, having black plastic earpice and microphone... he! like the old crank phone box just updated and wireless.

noyola, May 16 2009


       Ok then- Why not say "baked" and post the website that markets/ that created/ that has this same idea commented beforehand/ some pics the stuff you have/   

       I remember that was this website all about.   

       but thanks anyway for your valuable advise.
noyola, May 16 2009

       Might be pintless- But see it my way- Today smartphones consume a lot of energy, and to make them less energy demanding requires a lot of money on development and testing. It's possible that in a few years we will have a two week battery charges on hig energy drain phones- but that is not the point here- Imagine this: A self charging energy cell via a small crank in the phone. I would love to have it, so it's not pointless, not for me- Maybe will be pointless in say then years ...but that will be then.
noyola, May 18 2009

       [noyola]: there is not that much energy to be had from hand-cranking - this is why it usually is incorporated into rather low-power LED flashlights. the //hig energy drain phones// can not be powered this way.   

       I like the design proposal, though, it might make it into portable phones for home use.
loonquawl, May 18 2009


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