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credit card fingerprinting

no more pin numbers!
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a credit card normally just contains the normal data. but it would be possible to store your fingerprints on it! then the ATM could read the card and ask for your fingerprint! so even if someone stole it, they could not use it!
seb_m, Feb 24 2004

Build your own http://www.oxfordmi...ces.com/finger.html
OMD offers a system involving magnetic card or smart card reader and finger print sensor. [kropotkin, Oct 17 2004]

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       ok so what happens when you cut your fingers or burn them?
engineer1, Feb 24 2004

       Yeah, and if you have retinal scans, what about if you pluck your eyes out? And PINs are useless if your head is chopped off.
kropotkin, Feb 24 2004

       Maybe it could confirm your DNA from testing your spit. I like the idea though but I am curious if the technology is at this point though. With nanotechnology getting all the funding it deserves right now I do see this happening in the future.
bkornele, Feb 24 2004

       wow.. OMD have diversified since the eighties.
neilp, May 27 2004

       I agree. And POS (points of sale) systems should have it too.   

       The beauty isn't so much the doing away with PINs, but that all criminals fraudulently using a card will have their fingerprints recorded. Their prints and photos will be automatically sent to a fraud enforcement unit along with the details of the attempted transaction.
FloridaManatee, May 27 2004


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