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An idyllic river in a forest somewhere close to where you are reading this, two men stand waist deep casting their lines partaking in the serene and contemplative sport of fly fishing. The man on the right edges slowly over to the other man silently and casually, until eventually they stand side by side.

After a few moments and with a little trepidation he looks across and peers down into the water where the other stands and then he realises an embarassing mistake has been made - "Oh, I'm terribly sorry .." he says, striding quickly and nervously away "I thought you were one of us."

He wades out of the water and onto the river bank - his knee length cocktail dress soaked and clinging to his fish net tights - and hobbles on four-inch stilletto heels into the bushes.

benfrost, Dec 01 2004

The Fishing Race http://www.fishing....article.php3?id=669
Not really on topic but thoroughly entertaining nevertheless. [DrBob, Dec 01 2004]


       Hardly an invention, but most amusing. +
ldischler, Dec 01 2004

       I hope you get the help you need one day.
etherman, Dec 01 2004

       fishnets - heh.
po, Dec 01 2004

       I could catch a fish in a cocktail dress, but my fiancee is going to be mad next time she puts it on and there are scales in it.
normzone, Dec 01 2004

       In boxers and net undershirts, the butches busied themselves with their cross-stitching.
FarmerJohn, Dec 01 2004

       When you put men together in those fly tieing classes, with all those feathers and ribbons, this is not an unexpected outcome....
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 02 2004

       Stiletto spear fishing 101.   


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