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Fish Flypaper

Look Ma! No Hooks!
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Sticky substance similar to but stronger that duct tape will latch onto fish going for the bait. When you pull them out of the water, you can decide if you want to keep or toss them back. Either way, all the fish loses is a bit of hair.
Grogster, Nov 06 2012

Inspiration! Flypaper_20for_20microbes
[Grogster, Nov 06 2012]

Slime Coating http://www.arkansas...fish-slime-coat.htm
Even if you could find a way to eat through this to stick to the underlying scales, you would be jeopardizing the fish's future health, which is anti-thetical to catch-and-release. [DrCurry, Nov 07 2012]


       Simpler: bait the area with boilies containing ball bearings. Then fish with a strong magnet.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2012

       Even simpler: same as MB's idea, but use a fish magnet. This saves buggering about with ball bearings.
calum, Nov 06 2012

       ^ You might catch a steelhead.
AusCan531, Nov 07 2012

       My recollection of fishing is that fish are covered in a layer of slime that would make it particularly difficult to get something to stick to them.   

       So, you know, a sticky fishbone for you.
DrCurry, Nov 07 2012

       Kind of baked. In one traditional method, branches with prickly leaves are pulled through the water, snagging fish and dragging them out.
spidermother, Nov 07 2012

       //...fish are covered in a layer of slime...//   

       Only after years of unsatisfactory hygienic practices. You might be covered in a layer of slime as well, if you eat where you poop...
Grogster, Nov 07 2012


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