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crowd choir

Decentralised singing
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A choir is trained traditionally, probably with music in four-part harmony to keep it simple. They should be able to sing the music from memory, and keep in tune without accompaniment (a capella).

They then synchronise their watches and go out into a high street - preferably not too crowded, but not too empty either. At a set time they begin to sing, scattered through the street (although not too far apart), while still walking. Pedestrians look around, confused as to why the innocuous passers-by have started to sing, and moreover as to why they are so beautifully in harmony with other walkers.

This would be interesting and lovely at any time, but would probably have greatest effect around Christmas carol-singing time.

dbmag9, Dec 20 2008

(?) Unsilent Night http://www.cantalou...m.php?catno=ca21005
you may want to read the description the most excellently brilliant Phil Kline piece [xenzag, Dec 20 2008]

MORTAL KOMBAT!!! http://www.youtube....watch?v=xOYjtSumBRo
[jaksplat, Dec 21 2008]

Caroling Flash Mob http://www.chronicl...tle-72703-22344187/
[MechE, Dec 22 2008]


       [+] for the idea but practically it's really impossible (speed of sound)... hmmm, I guess each member could have a device that blinked in time, but that would require seriously competent singers to ignore the sound lag.
FlyingToaster, Dec 20 2008

       I was considering having the tempo marked out by some multiple of seconds (either 120, 90, 60, or 40 bpm). The music would still sound wierdly out of time to passers-by, depending on where they were in the street, but to be honest most street singers aren't famed for their precision timing.
dbmag9, Dec 20 2008

       [+] If they all had an inconspicuous microphone and earphones, it would be easier for them all to start together - (via an on-air conductor) - and keep in time.   

       A measure of success would be if any non-choir pedestrians joined in...
Wily Peyote, Dec 21 2008


       Similar things have apparently been done, not sure if by a proper choir. A search for singing flash mob turned up several.
MechE, Dec 22 2008

       still, I love it and I would do it! +
xandram, Dec 22 2008

       Like it, but agree you need to sync using phones and Bluetooth headsets. (+)
MisterQED, Dec 22 2008

       Baked! (kind of). A few years ago some members of the University choir I sing in met at a railway station, and sang mostly christmas songs there and on the train. Since we all had the same songbook, someone just had to call out a number or name, and we began singing from our positions scattered about the train. Excellent reactions from our fellow passengers. OK, we sometimes used songbooks. But pretty much the same.
spidermother, Dec 24 2008

       I like this. Maybe a better title? +
blissmiss, Dec 24 2008


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