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cup size coffee maker

Mostly for cars but use anywhere
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This cup-shaped coffee maker would make a tablespoon of coffee at a time. The water and coffee grounds reservoirs would be contained in a robustly sealed container. No spill could be over a tablespoon's worth and the coffee would always be hot and fresh.
Voice, Mar 11 2011


       Sorry two cups of coffee is only acceptable.   

       Single cup coffee makers are widely known to exist
rcarty, Mar 11 2011

       Has anyone done a USB coffee maker? With the power available from a USB port, and some cunningly efficient engineering, my guess is that you ought to be able to grind seven or eight beans and turn them into a thimblefull of very satisfying coffee, every few minutes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 11 2011

       I dont think it would work. the first few drops of water that pass though the grinds, don't do much for flavour, the drips after that are great. and then the at a certain point any water passing though the beans will only bring out the awful bitter tastes.   

       This might work if you gulped down the entire cup in one continuous gulp, but if you let the dampened grinds rest in between they would taste horrible.   

       There are however travel mugs that have built in french press, but these are no more spill proof than the regular kind.
bob, Mar 12 2011

       [+] While I'd settle for a coffee mug warmer, I'd much prefer this.   

       [bob] At no time does the post state that the entire cupful is made at the same time: quite the opposite.
FlyingToaster, Mar 13 2011


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