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sexy car coffee machine

keep your caffeine hot and steamy all ride long
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a mini coffee-maker that slides into your console-no mess, no spills, etc. it also makes orgasmic groans when you pour a cup, just like billy madison's closet in the movie "billy madison". get turned on on your way to work!

can also be used with "rearview mirror porno channel"!

spark, Jun 30 2000


       Wonderful. Something ELSE for people to do while they're talking on the phone and reading the paper and writing notes. <Yes, I've seen someone doing this on the road. For SOME reason, he kept weaving in and out of the lane>
StarChaser, Jul 01 2000

       i have heard stories of a pakistani man who would drive up to a stop light, stop, pull out a porno, start masturbating furiously, then put it away and act like nothing had happened when the lights turned green   

       i think intergrating the automotive and sex industries could be very succesful. for instance sell a kit that includes the following... tinted windows bench seat that folds out into a double-bed vibrating seats or seat covers in-dash dvd player and screen with a 10 dvd stacker with all your favourite pornos in it, with the sound coming through your dolby digital surround sound system, to make you think you're reall amoungst an orgy of beautiful women! add an in-dash condom dispenser, replace ash-tray with condom-disposal type unit, customised suspension that is adjustble from inside the car, hooks in the corners of the car for tieing your partner to, handcuffs hanging off rear-view mirror (note - i have these myself), alter rear seats to provide easier access to the trunk, then in there store all your favourite sex toys, kinky garments and other accessories and you now have the ultimate in-car entertainment centre ever constructed!
Malcolm, Jul 13 2000

       Many recent cars already have "Iso-Fix" loops bolted in place. Ostensibly for installing child safety seating, I've wondered about other uses for these solid attachment points...
Eeyore, Jul 13 2000

       But you will never equal the dungeon.
Gimp, Dec 15 2000

       The hutterites would never agree to this....not for even 20 acres of land.
MothaCuss, Apr 04 2001

       it is kind of amazing how much peple associate cars with sex. I wonder, is it because cars were so useful back in the day for having sex, when you couldn't admmit to it publiclly, and thus became linked in our minds. Or do people find technology and mechanical power far sexier than is healthy? I'm sure freud would have somethingto say about this
pariah15, Apr 05 2001

       + for inspiring Malcolm.
rapid transit, May 20 2003


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