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cursor game printout

print the outcome of the cursor game
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Really useless sily idea.

Move your cursor over this letter: o

Now try these: I i T t I H K

Now try combinations such as: oo OO TT

Sometimes you get other letters as a result, or things that look like greek letters, or funny faces or just silly things.

I want a button to save these things and print them. Like a print-with-cursor-command.

zeno, Mar 02 2005

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       Hey, it works really well with these big fat letters at the top. I can make it say pnntout!
zeno, Mar 02 2005

       "Hide the Cursor" would be a funnier game. Play it against a friend!
phundug, Mar 02 2005

       Well, you could always take a screen capture. There are even programs that allow you to take multiple captures in a row.   

       I personally use Gadwin Printscreen.
Psudomorph, Feb 22 2007


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