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custom soles

Leave lasting impressions.
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A user tries on a blank sample pair, buys a kit for a specific size, and draws lines in the outlines that match the soles; a few weeks later custom shoes arrive that leave the user-designed foot print. (Pen provided with kit, has just the right thickness. Alternatively, ship software that can enforce other restrictions.)

Also a new advertising medium (for companies other than the sports manufacturers who have, as waugsqueke observes, done this for years): sell cheap sandals with your company logo as the foot print. Use them on the beach to advertise. Order shoes for the whole tennis team with your club's logo on it, etc.

jutta, Oct 10 2000

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       Yeah, how can I make it look like the bloodbath at my exwifes place is a suicide?
thumbwax, Oct 11 2000

       You can't, but you can get custom imprints of her boyfriend's feet.
Worldgineer, Jan 19 2006


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